“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

We offer coaching for in-house technitians, developers and spreadsheet champions.

The advantage

Having someone who understands your business from the inside AND has the technical skills to write Excel macros, Crystal Reports or whatever else your business uses, is incredibly useful.

Whether that person is in IT or the Finance department, they prove so useful that one the best investments you can make is in bringing them up to speed with modern development practices.

The danger

According to studies, an alarming proportion of corporate spreadsheets contain errors.

Decisions based on incorrect calculations are just one form of risk. Loss of work or data through malfunctioning macros is another.

In addition to risk, there is the near certainty that time spent “making things work” is highly wasteful when done without using modern practices.

Industry solutions

There has been an explosion of software development practices aimed over the past few decades, all aimed at:

The problem is that you really need to live in the developer world and passionate about your craft to understand these, or even be aware of them.

Further, most of these are designed for large teams working on massive projects, and it is hard for the office developer to adapt those practices to their type of work.

Our coaching service

Our coaching service will provide your technicians with the ability to use modern development techniques to reduce risk and improve development times, increasing their ability to deliver result for your business.

We tailor each programme to suit the individual, and aim to maximise their own learning time so as to keep our costs down, while always being available to help.

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