“Asking the right person the right question, at the right time, can save you a fortune”

Why we are the right people to ask

We have several years of experience rolling out new systems to users (built by us or by others) and watching them being used over the years, with varying degrees of success. This has giving us an intuitive grasp of what ideas works and what fails.

We’ve also had to conjur up solutions for clients on very tight budgets, which forced us to find ways to solve problems cost-effectively. If there’s a cheaper way of delivering the gains, we’ll find it and tell you!

The realistic understanding of what actually works “in the trenches” combined with our hard-earned expertise at finding ways to obtain better results for less costs is what sets us apart.

When is the right time?

As early as possible, even if it’s just a cursory overview.

We have seen companies waste months going down a path which we could have told them was a bad idea over the course of a 30 min chat.

Can we really save you a fortune?

Not in every case.

But, the average office could stand to save 100s of hours a year across various roles, and in some cases for relatively little cost.

Manufacturing industries get excited about a 2% increase in efficiency, yet a few clever tweaks to a computer environment can more than double the efficiency for a given role, sending your ROI through the roof.

So why isn’t everyone doing this?

In many cases the people involve don’t realise that such time savings can be made:

In other cases people do see the time being wasted, but there are obstacles to getting anything done about it (manager approval, IT overload etc…)

The end result is that the average office runs with huge inefficiencies that go either unoticed or unresolved.

Ideally, this should be taken into consideration before you even think about upgrades, replacements or new system rollouts, as many of the inefficiencies are likely to stay with you after all those.

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