Timesheet System

The company’s existing timesheet system involved 100’s of members of staff emailing a spreadsheet with their hours to an admin at the end of each week, who would then key in all the hours into the ERP system (after chasing up any missing timesheets, and correcting mistakes).

Clearly this was very wasteful and error prone, but none of the off-the-shelf solutions were able to export their data to the company’s ERP, which was a key requirement, and building into the ERP was going to be too costly.

We built a web interface mimicking the original spreadsheet, and included time-based notifications to chase up late submissions, as well as approval loops.

The admin was left with the task of downloading the collated data each month, briefly checking it, then uploading it to the ERP.

The whole system cost less than most off-the-shelf solutions, and was customised to the client’s exact needs. The resulting time freed up across the business means it paid itself back within a few months.

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