Concorde Extension

The client used an ERP System for all their sales orders, but the way it was designed allowed copies of identical products within the same order to have different prices.

This led to inconsistencies, and made bulk changes very time consuming (an order could contain 1000’s of part, and these were nested under different sections, which all had to be checked).

We designed a small application which:

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This was an extremely simple program for us to build (we even threw in a reusable template system to make it even slicker) yet it saved the client a substantial amount of time and money.

Although this functionality would have ideally been added to the ERP system, the ERP was nearing the end of its life, plus we were able to build the funtionality for much less.

The reason it often costs us less is that we are using more agile tools and processes than those used to build ERP systems.

Take home points:

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